7 Mistakes Men Make When Wearing a Tie



Perfect Tie Wearing

A man’s tie greatly symbolizes his personality, his position in life and his personal sense of style.

Here is a list of 8 mistakes I usually notice around..

1. The Poorly Tied Tie

Mistakes include: a tie tied to short or too long, a flimsy looking knot that does not fill the gap between the collar, or a knot that shows any part of the narrow end of the tie.

2. Too Shortly Tied Necktie

A tie should be tied so that it ends near the middle of your belt buckle. A tie that has been tied too short will throw of the entire look. There is no excuse for it!

3. Kitschy Novelty Ties

By novelty ties I am referring to any “big picture” tie.

4. By novelty ties I am referring to any “big picture” tie.

So many men choose the wrong tie color and/or pattern for their outfits. In terms of color, choose a shade that compliments your shirt and suit. In doubt wear a dark navy, or charcoal suit, and a white dress shirt as any color tie will compliment.

5. Wrinkled and/or Stained Neckties

The necktie is usually the focal point of your ensemble. Thus, a wrinkled or stained necktie is immediately noticeable. While ties can not be washed or ironed (because doing so damages the inlay and drape of the tie), I suggest you always untie your necktie after each wearing. Hang your ties on a tie rack or over a hanger and the fabric will straighten itself out over night. I also suggest you rotate your ties, and never wear the same tie two days in a row.

6. Wrong Tie Width

The tie width you choose must be proportionate to your body type, dress shirt, suit, and tie knot. Yes, skinny ties are trendy, but they will look out of place if worn with a boxy cut, wide lapeled suit.

7. Choosing the Wrong Tie for a Particular Dress Code

Yes, there are indeed some dress codes and occasions that will require you to wear a particular style of tie.



In the nearest future I will write an article about different tie knots.